Monday, November 1, 2010

How "Moranic" Can We Get?

I love living here in Alexandria and never thought that there would have been anything to compel me to move out of this area. That was until last year, and even more so recently. As I have been tracking the congressional race in my district, VA-8, I have become increasingly incensed by what I have discovered about the incumbent, Jim Moran.

Let me start by saying, that in a fit of MAJOR ignorance, I did vote for Moran once, simply because I absolutely did not know any better. What a difference a day makes. Living in this area, Northern Virginia, it can be very easy to lose sight of things when you're surrounded by so many wonderful things, at least compared to where I grew up. It's easy to think that things are really going great until you begin to dig beneath the surface to see how we actually got there.

On the surface, it looked like Moran was doing an OK job for the area, but the more I began to pay attention to him, the less impressed I became. It's easy to come off as good when there is no adversity. But in the past few years, Moran has really shown how unworthy he is to continue representing this district.

I am only just reading the latest issue of Alexandria Times, wherein almost the entire periodical is packed with articles regarding the congressional race, as well as op-eds from (heaven help me) clueless constituents. I was beside myself when I read an opinion from one woman who claimed that Moran was ideal for the district because he was endorsed by the Humane Society of the United States. Really, lady? The economy is crumbling and all you care about is that some shops put out doggie treats and water for your pet while you shop? She's probably one of those who carts her pet around in a stroller while her child straggles behind her (yes, you will see that here). Another leftist who most probably cares more about animals than the lives of other humans. I say, it's so much more dignified to chase behind a domesticated animal and clean up their poop than to wipe the bottom of a child could change the world one day, right?

Such contempt has Moran for those who are not part of the political elite, that it was said Republican candidate Patrick Murray was "not a good fit for this district". Really? Not a good fit? How on earth do you mean? Apparently this district is so "enlightened", yet in my observances, most of the sophists that live here can't walk and chew bubble gum at the same time. They are actually too smart for their own good. Many of them have advanced degrees yet are utterly oblivious and lacking in common sense.

To show how poor a sport Moran is, we have seen him go from at least somewhat smiling to having almost a perpetual scowl of indignation. He does not take kindly to being opposed, questioned or challenged. I know from personal experience as I, a constituent, tried for approximately three months to have an audience with him but was constantly rebuffed. Everytime I called, I was asked "what organization are you with?" After the few contentious town halls that were conducted over the health care debate, his appearances dried up. His House website provided almost no up to date information informing us on any upcoming meetings, until there was a women's forum, which I viewed as a superficial way of pretending he cared about women's issues, and simply a means of how to "deal" with the injured economy and unemployment rather than rail against it.

To add insult to injury, he recently made comments dismissing candidate Murray's 24-year military service as not being any "kind of public service". Tough words coming from someone who has voted with Nancy Pelosi approximately 97% of the time. As a military veteran, I found it hard to contain myself after hearing such haughty remarks, and quite honestly I couldn't imagine any self-respecting service member or veteran, of which there are many in this area, being able to dismiss such disrespectful remarks from a career politician.

So used to being unquestioned and unopposed, Moran becomes pugnacious when challenged by Jason Mattera on the matter of stimulus money going to phantom districts. He has been known to be quite standoffish when he feels threatened. I'm not sure I care to have someone with such a hair trigger.

Jim Moran believes:

  1. It's not government overspending that landed us in this economic mess.
  2. Earmarks are powerful and he has no qualms about using them.
  3. The Joint Forces Command should be reduced in size.
  4. That another stimulus plan would be favorable even if the previous ones didn't work.
  5. Defense spending should be reduced.

Actually, if you take a look at this list compiled at Right Wing News, Jim Moran appears to be a repeat offender.

As of today, a poll conducted by Alexandria Times reflected that 64.3% would vote for Moran, 21.4% would vote for Murray, and 14.3% would vote for Independent Green candidate Ron Fisher. As they say, a fool and his money are soon parted, and people in this area earn a lot of it. I'm not so sure that I want to be one of them anymore.


  1. AHH, The Folly of Youth........Although I can say with a clear conscience that I have never voted for a Democrat.......;-P

  2. Excellent! You are spot on and it's not just your specific area I'm in another part of the DC area and it is EXACTLY the same.

    I'm with you about getting the heck out of here. My only problem is where in the world can I go? Where? It's getting to point for us that so long as it's far, far, far away from VA, DC and MD it doesn't matter anymore.

  3. You are pathetic