Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Can't Buy Me Love

Now we must know what it feels like to be on a date with Obama only to watch him get rejected. Obama wines and dines, pulls out all the stops, spares no expense, rents a limo, even applies a little pressure to get his date to put out, only to end up with a firm "NO" at the end of the night. That's sure what it looks like after his "date" with Rep. Dennis Kucinich on Monday.

Prior to his perpetual campaigning in Strongville, OH, Obama took Kucinich aboard Air Force One, a very rare event for pretty much anyone, I'm sure to discuss his vote on the health care bill. (Wonder if he tried to loosen him up with a bit of Kool-Aid?) At this joke of a town hall setting, with only about 200 people, Obama used a little peer pressure, which was in the form of a "supporter" who shouted "Vote Yes!" to which Obama replied, "hear that, Dennis?" Way to put someone on the spot.

After all the cajoling and I'm sure buttering up with sweet deals for Ohio in exchange for his support, Obama still came out without a "yes". Kucinich is set to announce his official response tomorrow morning, but it's not looking too hopeful for the Dems. Awww, Obama, too bad!

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