Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My little thought on the "racism" issue at Tea Parties

I attended the July 4th Tea Party, the 9/12 Tea Party, and now the 3/20 Tea Party. I walked up, down and all around. I snapped pictures. I met old friends. I met new friends. But one thing I did not encounter was RACISM. I won't say I got a few looks of astonishment, which is totally understandable, but those bewildered looks went as quickly as they came and became welcoming. I witnessed absolutely NO violence. No spitting, no harassment, no vandalism or willful destruction of property. When we left, we left peacefully and the grounds were CLEAN. Cleaner than they were after Obama's inauguration, which took a week if not more to clean up. We are respectful, we are peaceful, and we seek to leave things in the same condition not better than we received it. We are protesting but we do not feel the need to be destructive and violent about it.

As far as the Congressional Black Caucus' assertions of racism go. I think it's a total crock and I firmly believe they were attempting to bait the Tea Partiers. I know this because members of the House and staff usually take the underground tunnels to get back and forth. This group intentionally walked above ground in the midst of the protest in hopes that something would happen. It is malicious and cowardly. When they found nothing actually happened that they could use they chose to fabricate something, which serves to show how low in caliber they are.

I will end by saying that something happened during the 9/12 protest that I will never forget. As I was walking deep into the crowd on the lawn, I spotted a black woman sitting. She was somewhere between 55 and 65. When I met her eye she gave me a warm smile and mouthed the words "thank you". I smiled back and walked on.


  1. Good for you!
    I'm a white dude with two young black Grand babies. I think black conservatives standing against O will be pivotal in getting rid of him. And I look forward to people like you to be role models for the grand babies

  2. Wow, Lady! You are an awesome read! Thank you for your insights. Would love to visit with you someday if you ever make it back to Texas. :) @Impotex (twitter)

  3. They had their own Video recording equipment following them. The so called Media had video recording equipment following them. The Tea Party people had video recording equipment following them. Yes in every single piece of footage I have seen there is no audible name calling of racist remarks. I am sure our Media and Congress would never make allegations like this without proof. Oh wait they would.


    You spoke too soon.

  5. It's still not concrete. The man had his hands cupped around his mouth to shout at him. Rep. Cleaver stood in his face to admonish him and put his finger in the guy's face. By his movements and the movement of his mouth he was clearly mouthing words and NOT spitting. Now, if Cleaver got caught in a spray that's another thing. You can't tell me that you haven't been sprayed by someone while they were talking. Do you accuse them all of intentionally spitting on you? What's more is that there is a security guard right next to him and if she had seen something such as intentional spitting I am sure she would have gotten on it immediately. The angle at which she is standing would be so that she would definitely be able to see a wad of spit flying. And notice that Rep. Cleaver DID NOT recoil as you would if someone actively spit in your face. He only wiped it later as he was going up the steps. I think the only thing that was assaulted was his pride. So I maintain my position.

  6. Two other things to consider. 1. This video was posted to the Huffington Post, of all places. 2. The Tea Party happened almost 2 weeks ago and this video is just now surfacing? They're grasping at straws. Really.

  7. I'm saddened by your willingness to deny this episode instead of denouncing the behavior(s). Cleaver's immediate knee-jerk like reaction (to me a clear "recoil") and wipe of face is readily visible in that video. Only in retaliation, does Cleaver admonish the man. And you want to call it "spray?!" Please. LOL! It seems more like YOUR pride won't allow you to see what is evident.

    Other considerations:

    1. That video is viral, ie. all over the internet. The Huffington Post is one of many sites that picked it up. Don't blame the messenger(s).
    2. Just now surfacing? I think it just now surfaced to YOUR attention because I presume you were too busy denying incidences...

  8. now what do you say to Cleaver's own admission that the said incident didn't happen?