Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Where's the Love?

Monica Conyers, wife of Michican Democrat congressman John Conyers appears to be adding more insult to injury for taxpayers. She will be using a public defendant in her appeal to reverse a 37-month prison sentence for a conviction of bribery.

Monica Conyers is being declared "indigent" based on financial records which indicate that she can't afford her own lawyer. John Conyers, whose congressional salary is approximately $174,000, has refused to pay for a private lawyer. According to federal guidelines, a family member's wealth may not be taken into consideration when establishing a person's ability to pay for legal counsel unless unless a willingness to do so is expressed.

Wonder what's up with that? Is this another way for John Conyers to slap his constituents and other taxpaying Americans in the face? Does he foresee a long and arduous appeals process that could drain his personal wealth and all expose his finances to further scrutiny, thus uncovering more wrongdoing? Or is he just glad to see her go? I guess we'll find out!

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