Thursday, March 25, 2010

Is a thumbs up from Castro really what we want?

"Socialized medicine is the keystone to the arch of the Communist State." Vladimir Lenin

I personally don't find it a good thing that any thing the United States does is something to be congratulated by the Cuban Communist regime. But that day has come. By way of his essays, called Reflections, Fidel Castro has praised Obama for finally passing socialized health care, something he stated "Cuba was able to do half a century ago".

I mean, passing such a monumental legislation is laudable, that is if you like diminished quality of care, long lines, high premiums and overwhelmed physicians (well, the physicians who stay in practice anyway). BUT, I think what we all must strive for is the Cuba way of health care. That would mean toilet paper shortages and electricity cut off in medical facilities in order to save money. Can you imagine what that would do to a person in the operating room (presuming you even qualify for such a procedure) or a refrigerator full of specimens or vaccinations (presuming they bother taking tests or giving you shots)?

But, Castro's praise was not without its chastisement. It seems the former Commandante en Jefe is not so pleased with Obama's weak stance on climate change (what the hell has that got to do with him? Oh, that's right, more of a power grab) and for sending more troops to Afghanistan (how dare we try to fight those who are violent and wish to do the US harm).

But even more chilling is when he described Obama as a "fanatic believer in capitalist imperialism" yet gave him a stern warning. I wonder if Obama will take this as an admonishment from a mentor that perhaps he must to do more to push us over the brink to Communism? Either way, an (almost) shining endorsement from Castro is something with which we should all be ill at ease.

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