Friday, March 12, 2010

Don't Quit Your Day Job!

"Think of an economy where people could be an artist or a photographer or a writer without worrying about keeping their day job in order to have health insurance."

All my life I was told by my mother to pursue my dreams but not to quit my day job in the meantime. Now, that being said, I was personally and unbelievably sickened by comments made by Nancy Pelosi implying that anyone who wanted to pursue a career in the arts should be able to do so without worrying about how to support themselves. Come again? Please enlighten me as to how that works? Whatever happened to working hard and paying your own way? Since when did it become permissible to basically just check out of the race and have someone else run it for you while you sat on the sidelines sipping the Gatorade?

I think her comments were indicative of the very affliction we suffer in society today. Absolutely NO personal accountability for anything. Believe me, I would LOVE to be able to settle down and write a book or pursue a drama career, but you know what? I have a son to support. That brings to mind another thing, while these free spirits are out pursuing their dreams and happen to get pregnant or get someone pregnant, are we expected to support that as well? Oh, well of course we are! That is, if you’re willing to even have the baby in the first place! I guess it goes without saying as well that we will be funding the abortion too, if that’s what they decide. And anyway, what kind of family life will it be if there is no structure for the child(ren), what with their parents (if both are even there) flitting here and there pursuing flights of fancy?

Don’t get me wrong, I am in no way averse to anyone pursuing their dreams, but what I do take particular issue with is the fact that the person will not be required to put in the hard work and sacrifice it takes in order to become that success. When you have everything given to you without earning it, the appreciation is diminished. The victory is not as sweet, and you will forever be beholden to someone. You can never hold your head high and say that you had to scrape and struggle for what you have and that NO ONE can take that away from you. There is a particular sweetness in the thought that everything you’ve obtained and achieved was because you did it all on your own.

So I ask again, Nancy Pelosi, I must ask, WHERE do you get off saying that people like ME should foot the bill for people who don’t even have the inclination to carry their own weight? Not everyone is like your daughter, who can chase people down and harass them on film and call it documentary journalism, yet be padded by your millions (billions even), should they fail. I think you need to come out of whatever delusional haze you find yourself in and accept REAL life as it really is.


  1. Go girl....took you long enough. I started a blog sort of ....but I am not the best writer so I abandoned it. I love following those who speak the words that are in my heart (like you) -- Keep on Trucking (aka Rosita)

  2. Pelosi and her fellow travelers attempt to sell us a world that cannot be. They claim to be able to deliver a world where we can live our entire lives as children; never having to grow up; never having to face the harsh realities of life within this real existence. Of course they can never deliver on their promise. It can only, inevitably, and in its ultimate form lead to enslavement and poverty; enslavement to the government, and poverty as a result of disincentives and government imposed inability for us to be industrious.

  3. Excellent Blog. Nancy's words were directed to those people who think because they are an 'artiste' they have no responsible to take care of themselves. Anti capitalist, Anti Self Responsibility and so on.

  4. Every segment of our lives have been infiltrated and that includes the military that protects us. Sure they over-look things, they get directives from the DOD, DOJ and DOS. The FBI and CIA have the same issues and directives. Rather pathetic huh?