Saturday, March 13, 2010

Soul of an American Warrior

Attention American Patriots, Vietnam Veterans, Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans, and Patriot Guards Riders, I need to ask you all for a special favor. Before we begin our preparations for motorcycle and spring season, I ask that you do one thing that will be a part of something bigger than yourself. Let us sacrifice one small luxury to help a Fellow American help our Brave Warriors in their hour of need.

Many of you are probably not aware of a situation pertaining to the three Navy SEALs who are facing Court Martial proceedings, based on allegations levied by a terrorist. This terrorist claims he was punched in the gut. Anyone who knows about SEAL training knows if that’s all he got, he’s lucky. Once I tell you who this terrorist is, you will be laughing as much as I was, when I first heard of his claim of being punched in the gut or was it a fat lip he claimed? Can’t remember his story because he’s changed it so many times, but our good ole government is still going after our warriors for this crap. Let me tell you who this guy is; he’s the same guy who planned and executed the attack on 4 Blackwater employees in Fallujah back in 2004. Remember when they showed on television 4 of your fellow Americans being burned alive, their bodies being mutilated and then hung them from the bridge in Fallujah? This is the guy who planned it all.  Are you pissed yet? If not, you should be and you should be fired up to help one American who is trying to help these brave warriors. A Friend of mine and yours, Betty Kilbride is trying to help these special heroes. The attached flyer is to the book she wrote about her experiences in Iraq with the USMC as an embedded writer and subsequent journey to Vietnam with veterans. It’s a must buy and must read, those who have bought it couldn’t put it down. It’s getting rave reviews too. She is generously donating her Royalties to the Navy SEAL Defense Fund, but she can’t do it unless you BUY THE BOOK. Her goal is aggressive in wanting to sell 100,000 books by the end of March to help these guys, but I believe it’s doable with our help. We each have a powerful network, if each of us sends out this same message and the flyer to everyone we know on Facebook, Twitter and email, we can alert people to this very special fundraiser and awareness campaign - this goal can be accomplished quickly. Please help me help Betty be in a position to help these three Navy SEALs. She has helped many veterans over the years and has never asked for anything in return, it’s time we say thank you to her by standing with her, shoulder to shoulder in this important effort. This is important not just for the careers of three Navy Personnel, but for national security…I like the score of Navy 3 Terrorist 0, what kind of score do you want to see?

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